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We source best quality wood for the project at hand. There are many options, grades, and cuts for different types of woods. Before we start a new product, we go through the steps to find out the best way to get the end result we are looking for, regardless of the hurdles needed to jump to get there.

Dry Kilning

We specially dry kiln our wood to achieve optimum moisture levels which ensures longevity in the quality of our items. This is an expensive and time consuming process, but it prevents shrinking and swelling, among many other problems, that affect most wood over time.

Prep & Crafting

We cut, joint, plane, route, and sand all of our wood in-house for maximum consistency and quality across all of our products. This may be overkill to the undiscerning eye, but once again, we believe all the little attentions to details make a huge difference in the feeling of the end result.


We took the time to create a finishing process that not only highlights a beautiful grain in our wood, but also results in a smooth refined appearance. We do our best to use eco-friendly staining and finishing systems as much as possible, to protect our environment and prevent harmful waste.